Distributor Instructions For Distributor Sub-Site

The Distributor Sub-Site allows you to use our graphics and Website as a part of your own without having the Schlueter DES contact information or logo show up. It is designed to be incorporated into your site using frames.
Link Your Site
To do this, you will need to build a frameset. We have a frameset pre-built for you, or you can build your own. To download our frameset, right-click with your mouse on the frameset link at the end of this section to bring up a menu. From that menu, choose "Save Target As". Save the frameset to an appropriate place. You can also click on the link to see how the frameset looks. Frameset Link
Create a Header File
Create an HTML file with your logo and company name that will be in the top frame of the frameset. It should be called top_nav.html, and it should be put in the same directory with the framset.
Put It on Your Site
Load the frameset, menu and header with their directory onto your Website with appropriate links over to the frameset.
Test It
Ensure that all of the links work. If there is a problem with anything on our site, please contact us.